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New eBook!

Another Twelve Ways to
Improve Your Photography

The response to my first eBook (“Twelve Ways to Improve Your Photography”) was far greater than I had hoped (Thank you!) So, I decided to sit down and write a sequel. In “Another Twelve Ways…” we simply continue the discussions started in the first, and suggest more ways to advance your image-making without falling prey to marketing hype. The kind of hype that guarantees “pro results”, if only you would buy their latest camera, lens or gimmick. It’s necessary, once in a while, to step back and remember that the image is all that matters, not how we got there.

There is no magic here, and really no rules… at least not the prescriptive kind. My only rules are to shoot more, think more and ask better questions before you hit the shutter button. Chosen from conversations with students over the past 15 years, here are twelve more ideas to advance your image-making.

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