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After the Click 

Refining Your Vision in Lightroom Classic

A four-week deep-dive into the just the Develop module of Lightroom Classic. Most Lightroom courses are based in procedure — buttons and sliders. Taking a different approach, we look at the adjustment controls in Lightroom as tools for refining and clarifying your photographic message; your intention for each image.

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Up-Close and Creative

Understanding Close-up Photography

Embracing Close-up photography means always having an answer to the question, “What is there to shoot.” The possibilities are endless; and go far beyond butterflies and flowers (although those are great subjects, of course). One of the great pleasures of close-up photography is finding interesting images in everyday objects

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The Art of Printing Your Art

Completing the Expression of Your Art

The print is the ultimate expression of the photographer’s art. Truly great prints are the result of a convergence of technical excellence and strong artistic vision. Allowing someone else to print your work means relinquishing technical and artistic control of this expression of your vision. Creating good prints with current technology is not difficult, but it is decidedly more difficult than simply pushing the print button.

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