Another Twelve Ways to Improve Your Photography


Another Twelve Ways to Improve Your Photography


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I wrote a short eBook as something of an experiment. “Twelve Ways to Improve Your Photography” was far more popular than I dared hope.  It contained twelve ideas about looking deeper, asking better questions, and avoiding the slippery slide down the rabbit hole of continual acquisition.   Buying more gear and chasing that last iota of technical perfection is not a path toward creating images that resonate with viewers.

People respond to images with engaging content.  Rather than focusing on gear, focus instead on light, composition, and emotion.   To accomplish this takes technical know-how, but mostly it takes sensitivity to your subject, to the light and the moment, and a sense of good visual design.

Another Twelve Ways to Improve Your Photography carries on what I started in the earlier essays, offering another dozen ideas to help you create stronger more compelling images. A few topics are technical, a few discuss ways to influence the visual design of an image, and a few are more philosophical.   All are ideas I use daily and are ideas that I am sure will help you create more engaging images.


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