Make It Sharp!


Make It Sharp!


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Make It Sharp!

Image Sharpening in Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw

Sharpening and noise reduction in Lightroom is a topic subject to more myth and misconception than perhaps any other single issue in digital imaging.  This situation is not helped by the very general descriptions — from many if not most sources — of the tools available for either task, let alone how the tools interrelate with one another.  In this eBook, we will unravel the misconception and help you to use these very effective sharpening and noise reduction tools effectively.

55 pages, fully illustrated

Downloadable full resolution RAW sample files to follow along with written material

Bonus extra — Links to (YouTube) HD video walk-throughs of each sharpening process.


  • Preamble
    Sample Files and Videos
    Making it Sharp 
    Why do we have to sharpen in the first place?
    What is sharpening all about? 
    A Closer Look at Capture Sharpening 
    Different Strategies for Different Image Types
    High-Frequency Image Detail 
    Low-frequency Image Detail
    The Elephant in the Room 
    Sharpening High ISO Images While Controlling Noise 
    Parting Thoughts On Noise Reduction
    Noise Reduction with Local Adjustments 
    Extended Capture Sharpening with Photoshop – an Advanced Technique 
    Sharpening and Sizing for Output
    Parting Comments on Sharpening and Noise Reduction
    Appendix 1 – Synchronizing Edits and Creating Develop Presets
    Appendix 2 – Creating Snapshots in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw


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