The Art of Printing Your Art


The Art of Printing Your Art


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The print is the ultimate expression of the photographer’s art. Truly great prints are the result of a convergence of technical excellence and strong artistic vision. Allowing someone else to print your work means relinquishing technical and artistic control of this expression of your vision.

Creating good prints with current technology is not difficult, but it is decidedly more difficult than simply pushing the print button.  This eBook is designed to get you up and running; to get you past the initial technical hurdles that, if ignored, usually result in frustration and failure. This book is meant for artists, not engineers). We keep it all high-level and focus only on exactly what you really need to know in order to start producing prints that match closely what you see on your monitor. Prints you will be proud to hang on your wall!

This book begins with the essential step of calibrating and profiling your monitor so that Photoshop or Lightroom can understand how your particular monitor displays colour (no two are the same). We cover correctly setting up Photoshop or Lightroom for good colour management.  We also cover correctly setting up Photoshop and Lightroom for printing, the use of output profiles and soft proofing to create prints that, within the limits of the technology, match what you see on your monitor.

Even if you prefer to work with an outside printing service, the information here will prepare you to work collaboratively with your printer to produce prints that realize the full potential of your images.

82 pages, fully illustrated


Why Print Your Work?
What do I need to know?
The Root of the Problem
Considering Colour 
Colour Management:  Getting to “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get”
The Origin of a Great Print 
Choosing an Appropriate Editing Colour Space in Photoshop
Pulling it all together: Photoshop Colour Management
Setting up Photoshop Colour Management 
Setting up Adobe Lightroom for Colour Management 
Setting up Photoshop for Colour Managed Printing
Setting up Lightroom for Colour Managed Printing in Windows
Setting up Lightroom for Colour Managed Printing in OS X
Making it Sharp
Sizing Your Images for Output 
Soft Proofing
A Workflow Flow for Printing 



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