Twelve Ways to Improve Your Photography


Twelve Ways to Improve Your Photography

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We’ve all been there. We’re in a creative rut, we’re not seeing images the way we used to, and nothing seems to be working. This is when that little voice in the back of our head starts whispering, “If only I had a better lens, or that new camera.”
The harsh reality is that neither of these will improve your image making.  However, there are a few   things I can suggest that will have a definite impact on your images. None of these suggestions are technical — I’m not going to talk about gear, camera settings or how to apply some exotic post-processing technique.  This is a collection of ideas of which even I have to remind myself now and then.  Others that I have managed to avoid, but watched others fall prey to… I hope you find it useful, perhaps thought provoking, or at least interesting.

2 reviews for Twelve Ways to Improve Your Photography

  1. Dawn Davis (verified owner)

    If you are reading this, do yourself a favor and download this book now! What a gift Mark English has provided for photographers of all experience levels. For beginners he has carefully chosen topics to give you a comprehensive start to your artistic journey. If you are a seasoned photographer you may be familiar with many of the presented concepts but there is deep wisdom here and some great philosophical quotes to get your creative juices going. If you really think about each concept there is more in this book than just the words and photographs. The book is quick to read, well designed and includes beautiful imagery. Dawn Davis, International Dark Sky Association Dark Sky Advocate and Dark Sky volunteer photographer for the National Park Service and Oregon State Parks.

  2. Jaime Segura (verified owner)

    Easy to digest and pretty straightforward, I love this approach while delivering helpful advice, winner combination.

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