The print is the ultimate expression of the photographer’s art. Truly great prints are the result of a convergence between technical excellence and strong artistic vision. Allowing someone else to print your work means relinquishing technical and artistic control of this expression of your vision. Creating high-quality archival prints with current technology is not difficult, but it is decidedly more difficult than simply pushing the print button.  As with most other learned skills in photography, creating great prints is a matter of learning both the craft as well as the art.

This course is designed to get you up and running with a solid colour managed workflow; to get you past the initial technical hurdles that, if ignored, will result in frustration and failure. This course is meant for artists, not engineers (although engineers are welcome, too!). We keep it all high-level and focus on only what you need to know in order to consistently create prints that match closely what you see on your monitor. Prints you will be proud to frame and hang in your home.

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