Understanding Close-Up Photography

Embracing Close-up photography means always having an answer to the question, “What is there to shoot?” The possibilities are endless; and go far beyond butterflies and flowers (although those are great subjects, of course). One of the great pleasures of close-up photography is finding interesting images in everyday objects

When you first think about embarking on a journey into the world of close-up photography, your thoughts likely turn to acquiring specialized macro lens. Nice – if you can afford it and are willing to commit to using it often enough to justify the expenditure. Fortunately, this isn’t necessary to begin enjoying the pleasures of close-up image making. Many commonly used zoom lenses are capable of magnifications that place them just inside the realm of close-up image making. You likely already own one of these: check your owner’s manual or look-up your lenses online; you may be pleasantly surprised. Adding one or two inexpensive accessories will allow you to begin enjoying the pleasures of close-up photography without breaking the bank.

Created in collaboration with Bryan Peterson, this course will start you on your journey discovering closeup photography.

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